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How to make a doghouse in 2022 : Step By Step Explanation

Pets are now part of the family. If you’ve adopted a puppy, you know he’s going to need a little house, to sleep in or to stay while you’re not home.

The coolest thing is that you can build your dog’s house yourself. Just look for the right materials, study the model that you find most interesting and get your hands dirty.

Find out now everything you will need and the step-by-step instructions for building it!

Necessary materials

To make a doghouse you will need:

  • Wood;
  • Plastic;
  • Enamel or epoxy paint;
  • Varnish;
  • Nails;
  • Hammer;
  • Square;
  • Pen;
  • Blank sheet;
  • sledgehammer;
  • Philips key;
  • Screws;
  • Fair boxes, slats or pallets;
  • Wood glue;
  • Pet bottles;

In this step by step we will teach you how to make House For dog.


Start with the base of the doghouse. Let’s consider a medium-sized dog. You must cut a board. You will need four pieces of 60 cm in length.

If you prefer, you can nail them together, still in a square shape.

With the help of a pencil and a square, you should create the floor measurement on a 20 mm thick plywood board. In the case of the idea we are following, the floor must be 60 cm x 60 cm. Attach the floor to the base you set up earlier. You can use screws or nails.

Now it’s time to mount the walls. As we are making a square house, you should cut the sides with 60 cm x 60 cm. For the front and back you will need to cut out a 60cm x 60cm square with a 60cm x 60cm x 60cm triangle. You can trace the design with a pencil and square before cutting the wood.

On the front, you need to draw the entrance to the house. Do something that is comfortable for the dog, but at the same time doesn’t get too much wind or rain. 25 cm wide and 33 cm high are enough for a medium-sized dog.

To secure the walls you should cut 60 cm pieces from a 2 x 2 inch board. 8 pieces will be needed. Nail four of them to the walls and assemble this part of the house.

Now it’s time to assemble the roof. Since you want it to be a little longer than the house, cut out two boards that are 70 cm long and 60 cm wide. Nail it to the top of the house. Use the four remaining supports to secure, which you cut earlier.

Finish the house by painting the way you prefer. The ideal is to bet on enamel or epoxy paint. You can also decorate the roof and if you want to write the puppy’s name in the entrance, next to the door. Allow to dry and finish with a layer of varnish, which can also be applied inside the house.

Has the paint and varnish already dried? Place a bed, blanket and carpet inside the house. If you want, add other accessories as well, such as the pet’s toys.


To assemble a doghouse with pallets you must start by dismantling them with the help of a hammer. The same goes for fruit crates if you have a smaller dog.

Join approximately six slats side by side. Draw a triangle. At this point you will prepare the front and back of the doghouse, so you need to repeat the process with the six slats twice. Cut out the wood on the line you drew.

The time has come to keep the slats together. For this you will need square boards, 2 x 2, just like you would use in the wooden house project. Nail the scalloped end of each slat. The ideal is to paste three by three, to draw the shape of the triangle. Use wood glue to join the two parts of the triangle together.

You should do something that is comfortable for your dog. To facilitate the cutout, bet on the square door.

Now you’re going to finish building the little house. Take two slats, you can use the size of the pallet or box of vegetables. Nail it to the roof of the house at the top, joining the front and back.

Assemble the floor, for that, draw a square using the pallet’s own slats. Nail them together and measure the size of the house just right, so that it fits into the base. If you want to make something taller, draw a square with four slats and nail the base on top.

Finish the ceiling and walls, nailing the slats side by side from the one you assembled to join the front and bottom. If you want to insulate the roof, if the house is going to be outside, use pet bottles. Cut them out and form a rectangle. Just remove the base and the lid part. Glue with wood glue.

Finally nail the roof. You will still use the slats from the pallet or vegetable box, with the difference that you will nail them vertically and not horizontally (in the opposite direction you nailed the ceiling). Paint the color you want and finish with varnish. Wait for it to dry and put all your pet’s accessories in there, including the blanket and the bed.

How to make a doghouse: care

Simple Structure Dog Houses : diy dog house

Some precautions are important when making a doghouse, so that the object becomes functional and does not cause any problem for the animal:

1. Avoid toxic paints

Keep in mind that your puppy will spend a good deal of time inside the house – at least the hours of sleep. Therefore, bet on non-toxic paints for painting. The same is true for varnish. If you think it’s better, just sand the inside of the house and don’t do any painting.

2. Beware of moisture

Moisture can damage the wooden house and also cause allergies and other skin problems in your dog. Choose a moisture-free place to leave the house or apply mildew-resistant paint while painting.

3. Make a sturdy roof

The roof of the house needs to be strong. Especially if she’s going to be outside. The ideal is that you put an insulating blanket to avoid excessive heat or cold and use the tip of the pet bottles so that the water does not infiltrate the wood and leaks appear in your dog’s space.

Another important detail is that the roof must always be built in an inclined way, resembling a triangle, to help drain the rain. If you make a straight roof, the water can accumulate there and help the wood to rot and the house to spoil.

4. Decorate the interior of the house before installing the roof

Want to decorate your dog’s house? The best thing is to do this before placing the roof. Just leave a bed, blanket and toys to be put away after everything is ready.

If you want to work details on the interior walls, do everything before nailing the roof. This, of course, in the case of the wooden house. The pallet one gets a little more difficult as you build a roof in addition to the roof! If so, paint the slats before nailing.

5. Alternative: avoid centralized entry

The vast majority of doghouses have a centralized entrance. Also because it is more practical to do. If you leave the house in a closed part of your house, such as a bedroom or other room, you can use the central entrance, but keep the pet’s house away from doors and windows, to avoid the wind draining.

Now, if the idea is to build a home for a dog that will sleep outside, think about the possibility of a differentiated entrance, such as those on the sides or create a “lobby” – this last option can give a little more of work. This way you prevent the animal and its things from being exposed to wind and rain.

Now you know how to build a doghouse, whether for a small or large pet and with the goal of sleeping indoors or out. Take the opportunity to let your creativity free when painting and customizing the space. Giving a special touch to the pet’s house. Oh and don’t forget to take care of the roof’s moisture and impermeability!

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