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How To Find Out That Your Dog Is Happy Or Not

Every good owner wants to see his dog happy. Some believe that it is enough to feed, water and walk the animal. Others add games and training to this list. But how do you really know if your four-legged friend is happy?

Look for the main signs that the dog is happy.

body language

As mentioned above, you can also recognize a happy dog ​​with the naked eye. The dog glows, literally exudes good mood and happiness.

The pet’s every move glows with heartfelt emotions. The main signs of joy in the dog are:

  • Tail wagging desperately;
  • Big smile;
  • Brightness in the eyes;
  • The dog may show excitement, jump impatiently.

A happy dog ​​has dilated eyes

The feeling of joy invades the dog when looking at the dear owner, proof of this are the animal’s eyes wide open. How happy the pet is can be seen in the bright, life-filled eyes that confirm that everything is fine.

A happy dog ​​invites you to play

A happy dog ​​loves and wants to play with people and other dogs.


he touches you

Touch is a very important element of trust and affection.

However, it should be kept in mind that this sign can have different meanings in different situations. For example, dogs can use it when they feel insecure and want more attention from you.

He smiled

Dogs are also capable of smiling.  A happy dog ​​has wide eyes, a mouth slightly open without exposing teeth, and a relaxed body.

a happy dog ​​gets enough sleep

A happy dog ​​will need hours of rest to recover and regain energy to continue playing and walking.

If your dog is sleeping more than necessary, it could be because he is having a problem such as depression, boredom, or other medical conditions. It is important to be on the lookout to find the cause and resolve it as quickly as possible.


A happy dog ​​and its health

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Every dog’s health is also an indication of his well-being or not, just like humans, if he doesn’t feel well he won’t be happy.

One more thing and that is Appetite because Appetite is also very important in how your pet is feeling. If he rejects your food bowl or doesn’t even have an appetite, it could be a sign that he is sad, not feeling well, or has some other physical problem.


Remember to give him the best diet that contains antioxidants, prebiotics, vitamins and minerals to keep him healthy, give him a good quality of life and most importantly…make him a happy dog.

In addition, being on the move and having them with activities will help your pet to have energy and be active so as not to suffer any kind of illness, such as depression and anxiety. It helps a lot if you play with him and especially take him for a walk.

Love and affection will always be the best ways for your dog to be happy. Showing all the love you have helps your dog be healthy and full of energy.

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