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Every Dog Lover Must Know These 9 Things that Dogs Hates

Even without the intention of upsetting the dog, many times, some of the tutor’s manias or attitudes can be quite uncomfortable to the dog and even reflect on the animal’s bad behavior.

Let’s discover 9 attitudes dogs hate.

1. Excessive hugs

The pet loves to be in the company of his family and receive all the affection. But beware of hugs, as this type of behavior is foreign to the dog and sometimes puts him in an uncomfortable situation.

Some dogs may even show this dissatisfaction with hugs and not accept them.

Hugging is something that is not in the pet’s nature and in some situations it can even hurt.

Another care is with children who may want to use the dog as a stuffed animal, something the puppy will hate.

2. Being stared at is one of the attitudes dogs hate

No dog likes to be stared at. It is important to remember that the dog has a different form of communication than ours.

Facing is a way of showing dominance , which makes the dog very uncomfortable in this situation.

This behavior is more serious when it comes from a stranger, as when feeling challenged or threatened, he acts with the intention of defending himself.


3. Loud noises

Some sounds are unbearable to the canine ear, which is far more sensitive than that of humans.

While the human is able to identify frequencies between 16 and 20,000 Hz, the dog can reach frequencies of up to 40,000 Hz. That’s why it is common for the dog to show annoyance and even fear of some sounds.

Over time, he can get used to it, but certain sounds remain unpleasant for him.

Among the sounds the dog hates are fireworks , hair dryers, vacuum cleaners and other loud household appliances.

4. Inappropriate use of collars

Collars and guides are essential accessories when walking the dog outside. But improper use brings discomfort to the pet , making it hate the accessory.


When choosing the guide, it is necessary to take into account the size of the animal and which model best meets the dog’s needs, so the ideal is to make the purchase with the dog, so it is easier to find the best for him.

Another care is with the way the guide will be handled during the tour.

5. Lack of an activity routine

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Even the laziest dogs need daily activities. Inactivity makes the dog bored, causing him to find another way to be distracted and most of the time includes destroying something in the house.

The dog needs a routine of activities, always take time to walk and play with the pet. A good option for those who need to leave the dog alone at home is the use of toys for the pet’s entertainment.


The dog needs to be stimulated, he hates being without a routine, so always schedule the pet’s day so he doesn’t get bored and bored.

6. Excessive bathing is one of the attitudes that dogs hate

The dog’s hygiene needs to be one of the main cares, but it is necessary to emphasize that some exaggerations are hated by your pet.

Bathing in excessive amounts is hated by the dog. Unlike humans, dogs do not need daily baths and the excess can even harm the animal’s skin.

Another problem with excessive bathing is that it removes the dog’s natural odor, which impairs the animal’s bodily communication.

The use of products can also be aggressive to the dog’s sense of smell, so avoid exaggerated amounts of bathing and always use a product suitable for the pet.

7. Not having your space respected

The dog needs to be respected as an individual. He is not an object but a being that needs to have its own space.

The dog will not always be interested in play or interactions, which is normal. So whenever the puppy is feeding, resting, do not disturb him.

Allow him to have his individuality respected, and this is also true for visitors and children, who can often end up forcing an interaction with the dog.

8. The absence of tutors is one of the attitudes that dogs hate

One of the biggest bonds that exists is between the dog and its guardian. The dog is an animal with great dependence on human companionship. Being alone is one of the most hated things for a dog.

The absence of a tutor can even become a problem, as some pets can develop anxiety and even depression.


As the animal does not understand the absence of the guardian, any departure may mean that it will never see you again.

To prevent your dog from suffering from absence:

  • Whenever you go out, leave a cloth or clothes with your scent.
  • Try to take the puppy to exercise, so he has a waste of energy, which avoids the anxiety of being alone.
  • Toys and the company of other animals also help the dog during the absence of the tutor.

9. Unnecessary clothes

The puppy is the cutest thing with that outfit, but he won’t always feel comfortable.

If you notice that the dog is showing some discomfort or that the clothing in any way limits its movement, it is best to let it free.

Use the clothes only when necessary to cover a wound, or on colder days, in the case of dogs with short coats. But don’t forget to set your dog free to be the animal he is.

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