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Dog coughing like something in his throat

Dog Coughing: When a dog has a dry cough that seems to have something stuck in its throat, guardians are often quite worried. But it is common for other problems to have cough as a symptom, so knowing how to differentiate when it is a cough or choke can save your pet’s life.

Dog coughing: causes

A dog’s cough can be a symptom of different problems. One of the most common is kennel cough, also known as tracheobronchitis .

It is highly contagious and has cough as its main symptom.

Another case that can make your dog cough is allergy . The pet may be allergic to different things such as:

  • Dust;
  • Pollen;
  • Cleaning products;
  • Smoke;

Cough can also be present in heart or respiratory diseases , which are more severe and need attention.

Whenever the pet has coughs or any changes in its health, it should be referred to the veterinarian, thus investigating the cause of the cough.

But in some episodes, what appears to be a cough is actually a case of choking . This situation may be more common than we imagine, and poses a great risk to the pet’s life.

The dog may choke when feeding incorrectly, or with smaller toys and objects found in the environment. Larger dogs are more likely to suffer from choking because they have a larger mouth, being able to swallow large objects.

Dog coughing: symptoms that the dog is choking

Why is my Dog Coughing - Is it Kennel Cough? - Dr Marty Pets

Most of the time, when the dog coughs as if he has something in his throat, a foreign body is likely.

  • The dog may be restless;
  • Increased salivation or foaming;
  • Attempt to take something out of the mouth with the paws;
  • Difficulty drinking water and eating;
  • Vomiting ;
  • Piloerection (pearl hair).

The dog In order not to make the situation worse, the tutor must be careful when acting, some attitudes put the animal’s integrity at risk.

Dog coughing: what  to do with the choking dog?

The concern with choking is that the foreign body can descend into the pharynx or larynx, putting the pet’s life at risk. In situations like this, it is recommended to seek help urgently, as it is a serious condition and can lead to death.

Be careful when trying to remove the object by yourself, some cases can get worse with wrong handling and even cause perforations in the trachea.

One of the main attitudes that must be taken in a situation of choking is to remain calm, the agitation will scare the pet and make it difficult to help.

Take it easy, try to open the animal’s mouth and try to see if it’s just bothered by something that’s caught in its gums or teeth, or if it’s having difficulty breathing.

The second case is of great urgency and needs veterinary care, if it is not possible, try the Heimmlich maneuver , the one used to choke on humans. To maneuver the dog:

  1. Pick it up and support your back on your chest.
  2. Embrace him and use your hands forcefully to press upward, thus displacing the object that is obstructing your breathing.
  3. Even after managing to choke the animal, it needs to be referred for an evaluation with the veterinarian. In some cases, the dog may end up swallowing the object and will need to be monitored until expelling the foreign body, and in certain situations, the pet may be referred for surgical procedures.

Ways to prevent dog choking

Some accidents are unavoidable, but certain precautions reduce the possibility of the dog choking.

There are several types of objects and even food that can cause the animal to choke.

  • Dog coughing at feeding time: the pet may choke on the food, to avoid this accident, always choose the appropriate food for the breed and age of the dog. Gutty dogs are more likely to suffer a choke, in this case, prefer the slow feeder, so the animal cannot eat all the ration at once, preventing it from getting stuck.
  • Bones are great dangers for the pet, in addition to causing a choke, it can also perforate the gums, trachea and even injure some organ of the digestive system. Choose bones sold in pet stores, they are safer for the animal.
  • Choose toys well: dogs love toys, and they should not be deprived of this fun, but be careful when choosing the toy for your pet. The right thing is to always choose proper toys for the pet, found in pet shops. This way, you avoid seeing the choking dog.
  • Caring for household objects: the dog has a curious nature and what catches his attention will soon be in his mouth. But some household objects can pose a great danger to the animal. Avoid leaving these objects in the dog’s access, prefer to place them in high places, or always after use, keep them in closets.

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