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Best Idea to make wooden Dog House?

If you want to learn how to make wooden doghouse in a very easy, fast and fun way, this article is for you. In today’s text, we’ll understand all the steps you need to take so you can build a beautiful little house for your puppy, so that he feels at ease inside.

Making a doghouse might seem like a very simple thing to do. And in practice, it is. But you need to take into account many aspects related to the animal’s daily life and lifestyle, so that it doesn’t suffer from too small or too large a space (yes, too large spaces are not suitable either).

So, so you can get your hands dirty today, keep reading the text.

How to make wooden doghouse

To make the best house for your puppy, you must have the right materials, a lot of willpower and also a lot of patience. After all, if you’ve never worked with wood, you’ll need to learn some techniques and practice a lot so that the structure is ready and beautiful, just the way you’ve always dreamed of.

The materials you will need are as follows:

  1. Resistant and solid wood;
  2. Nails longer than the thickness of the wood;
  3. Hammer;
  4. Screws;
  5. Drill and screwdriver;
  6. Roof battens;
  7. Thermal sheet for the roof;

See the step-by-step instructions for building a doghouse:

  1. Start with measurements – What size is your dog?
  2. Build the foundation and floor of the doghouse;
  3. Raise the walls with enough room for the dog to stand upright;
  4. In the front, make a door for the dog;
  5. Nail the battens to the top of the house and install the roof;

Sound complicated? Do not worry. We’ll explain each of the previous steps in very detail from now on. So, keep reading and learn in practice how to build a house for your dog. Come on?

Start with measurements – What size is your dog? : TRIXIE natura Classic Dog House | Large : Pet Supplies

The first step for us to start the project is to know exactly what size your dog is. After all, the house needs to shelter him securely, so that he has enough space to be quiet. So, this walkthrough is for those who have medium , small and large dogs , ok?

We recommend that you take your dog’s measurements and make a house about twice the size of the animal. For example, if he’s 30cm tall, make a little house 60cm tall. That way, he will have enough space to not hit his head on the roof and not feel stress, fear or any other symptom in this regard.

Regarding the useful size of the house, we recommend that it has something around twice the size of the puppy. In other words, the floor needs to be 60cm wide and 60cm deep, if your puppy is 30cm long. These measures are essential to create a living space for the dog. So, don’t hesitate to write it down, ok?

Build the foundation and floor of the doghouse

Now that you have the right measurements for the project, it’s time to start building the foundations and floor. For the foundation, you can use cinder blocks, brick, or some very strong wood so that the floor of the house is not directly on the ground. This can transfer moisture to the puppy’s home.

Another cool tip that you can consider is the application of a Styrofoam board under the house, in case you don’t want to make it higher off the ground. Styrofoam is a great thermal material and will not let the house get wet or too hot.

To assemble the floor, just cut the wood to the size you stipulated. That way they will be very firm. Tip: avoid leaving very large spaces between one wood and another, so as not to create large gaps and harm the dog’s walk.

Raise the walls with enough room for the dog to stand

Now that the floor is done, it’s time to start installing the walls. To do this, just take the measurements of the dog’s height and cut the wood at this height (double the animal’s size ). Note that the dog needs to stand inside the house. That’s why the walls can’t be low, ok?

Make the front wall taller than the back wall

The front wall needs to be taller than the side and back walls. Why? Because you will need to have a drainage of water, if the house is outside your residence. And if you make the front higher than the back, the water will drain back, without creating a puddle or even dripping water into the doghouse.

Tip: make the lowest part of the house, ie the back, twice the height of the dog.  That is, the roof does not have to be extremely steep. Just have a fall.

On the front, make a dog door

Don’t forget to make a door for the dog to enter and leave the house. It can be on the front or even on one side, if you prefer it that way. The door must have enough space for the animal to enter and exit without feeling uncomfortable. Otherwise, he won’t want to go into the house to sleep, because he won’t be comfortable, ok?

These cutouts can be made even before the wall is nailed. You can use slats to go around the door so that the wood is snug.

How to make a doghouse – Nail the slats to the top of the house and install the roof

And finally, let’s not forget about the roof. It is a fundamental part of the house and should be done in a well thought out way. Use only light tiles that have heat capacity, so as not to create a greenhouse for the dog.

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